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On average, how many items would it take for a collection to be considered “a good collection” I have maybe 20  pieces to my collection ?

I collect Native American arrowheads, that I find on my grandparents farm. I know I could buy them and increase my numbers, but the ones I find there have a bigger sentimental attachment, so I only keep the ones I find myself. I have maybe 20 arrowheads total I have found, but I feel like this is very insignificant compared to other people’s collections. 

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    It depends entirely on quality and type, not number really.  You'd have to have an expert assess your arrowheads.

    My grandfather collected arrowheads, among other Native American artifacts. After his death, we had an archaeologist employed by a history museum take a look. She determined that only about 15% of the collection was significant.  We donated those items to her museum. The rest we've kept for sentimental reasons, but they are not a "good" collection from an archaeological, historical, point of view.

    However, after my mother's death, they will go to a tribal cultural center, not because they are valuable, but just because they should really be in the hands of Native Americans in the region where he collected.

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