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Is this abuse? ?

Child is 3 years of age. Hair not brushed often enough gets terrible knots in it. Child gets put to bed Somtimes without a fresh diaper wakes up with a soaked pull-up that leaks through an soaks her clothes and bed. Child has had UTI's I'm guessing this is the reason.  The wet bedding doesn't get changed Everytime or maybe not even mostly at all....  Dog poop in floor, dog pee on some clothes n toys that were laying in like on floor. Bedroom never gets cleaned up. Child Probably doesn't get bathed enough either... Finger nails n toe nails are always dirty. The house she lives in is hardly ever clean. Plates with last night's dinner still on table, counter and or coffee table. Cat box filled with cat dodo always. Child's bedroom carpet smells like an feels like animals pissed all over it. 

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    Yes, absolutely. What you described is called "neglect". It is most definitely a form of abuse and can be just as damaging to a child as physical, sexual or any other type of abuse.

    If you have knowledge of something like this happening, you are obligated by law to report it in most jurisdictions. It may actual be a criminal offense for you not to report it! Please do it! If for anything then for the well being of the child.

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    2 months ago

    Report this situation - now.

    It certainly falls under at least "neglect" and could be considered "abuse".  

    Make an anonymous complaint to your local welfare office if you want to keep your name out of it.  (If you give your name - you will still remain "anonymous" because they will NOT share who turned in the report with the family they are investigating.)

    Please - if this is real - make a report.  

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    2 months ago

    If you are witnessing this atrocity which is child abuse, you have an obligation to report it to Child Protective Services or whatever agency handles these services for your country, state or province.  I am assuming that you aren't a child yourself, but if you are, time to get a responsible adult involved so that this child does not get abused any further.  

  • 2 months ago

    someone better call child services. This is definitely abuse and for the animals who you should call an animal Society nobody should be living in that kind of place that child can get sick and die

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