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I am 16 and in a home where I do not feel safe. I do not want to be in foster care. What are my options? ?

I am 16 years old and came out as trans back in August. Since then, my mother has repeatedly gotten very close to hitting me. I do not want to be in foster care because foster care in my area is notoriusly bad for trans kids. 

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    If you're not in the position to file for legal emancipation (meaning you can fully support yourself financially) your best bet would probably to try to educate your mother. Just giving up on people and letting them live in their ignorance is actually kind of cruel. Find your local FPLAG organization or reach out to Lambda Legal and try for better communication with Mom. 

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     Report such violence to your local government my dear zxj

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    Ask a friend or relative to file in Court to become your legal guardian IF your mother will surrender custody.

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    It all depends on where you are in the world. At 16, you can work and often make decisions for yourself. In some countries, you might be supported living out of home by yourself. However, you are not in an environment with actual physical violence, so that may not apply to you.

    Basically, you mostly have to push on through until you are 18, have a job and can move out of home. 

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