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Who’s right here? Me or my roommate. I want to be fair & logical.?

So my roomate and I have been living at this apartment for about 6 months. But we’ve been friends since college, met 4 years ago.

Mid October, he asked me if his girl and his kid who live in a different state can move in with us, and without hesitation I said “okay”. They move in October 15th. We never talked about how the bills and rent would change cause he has 2 extra bodys now. He only mentions that she would pay rent.

November 1st, I ask him “so what are gonna do about rent” and he tells me me and him will still split rent 50-50 like always cause his girl wasn’t gonna get paid till the following weekend. I felt like this was a shady move on his part but whatever...

Today he asked for rent, I ask him again and he tells me “we are still paying 50-50”, and this time I tell him that it does not work for me. I let him know that I’d be paying 40% of the rent and they will take the 60%. He had no problem with it. When I gave him my rent, I deducted the 10% from this new month and another 10% from last month. He thinks it’s unfair and made attempts to guilt trip me and make me look the bad guy cause his last months excuses caught up with him.

I’m running out of characters but let’s just say he’s a horrible roomate and I can’t wait to get out of here.

My questions is, am I in the right by paying 40%? And by deducting the 10% from last month too cause I’m not buying his excuses?

I don’t want to be unfair to him nor do I want to screw myself trying to be nice when he isn’t.

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    One should have discussed the percentages before you agreed. Pay your "fair share" and let him assume the responsibility for those 'he' asked permission to move in after all they are "his" not yours!

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    Neither of you sat down and put anything in writing so it really doesn't matter. "He only mentions that she would pay rent" okay how much rent? Was any amount discussed? Was a time frame discussed of when the rent would be paid? No? Then you have no reason to be upset. You're kind of shady for deducting last month's rent without discussing it prior with him, and he's shady for saying she would pay rent but not disclosing when (this is also your fault for not confirming the details with him). 

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