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Microblading v. Botox?

I have very thick, eyebrows already but they are quite flat. They are very low practically touching the tops of my eyes. I also have very hooded eyes giving me a somewhat caveman appearance (I literally have a high percentage of neanderthal dna) and eternal ***** face. I want to try and raise them but I am unsure which would be better. I know microblading can help shape eyebrows better but botox can actually lift them up. I just don't which one would have longer-lasting results and would be the most cost-efficient. It's something I am super self-conscience about and I'm just trying to weigh different otions. 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Botox isn't really a lift, it paralyzed the muscles under the brows so you can't scowl or furrow them or anything. They look smoother. Visit a good cosmetic surgeon with a fully staffed aesthetician clinic. You'll discover a wide range of options that will help your brows and any other part of your face that's a concern. Some are minimally invasive, others more invasive. An eyelid lift might do more than Botox. There's a whole lot of options with eye nips and tucks. 

    But in the meantime get a good brow grooming. Have them plucked, waxed, threaded -whatever is needed to get them in shape. Sometimes nothing more than a good re-shaping is enough to make a world of difference. Removing a lot of hair and defining an arch will help you decide your next step. All that might be needed is a bit of microblading along the top line. But you do need a good grooming session first. 

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