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Will a true friend curse at you and end a friendship with you just because you don't like Biden or Trump?

I don't like both Biden or Trump. Usually, I'm a democrat, but I don't like Biden, nor Trump. I told my friend this, who I've known for about a year, and she stopped being friends with me and started making rumours about me, saying rude things, and started to curse at me. What is wrong with her? Did I do something wrong? Why is she taking this election and my opinion so seriously?

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    They say you that you should never talk about religion and politics when you are in conversation in a group . It’s a well known saying. And yes, it is the sad truth that people get too worked up about their own opinions. It is sad that your friend broke the relationship for that. As you said , you would question if this person was a true friend. There  are 

    a lot of judgment and opinions N a circle of friends. But usually friends don’t impose to much of their own ideas. It’s a shame that it goes this way. I myself have experienced prejudice and unfair judgement. It hurts when it happens because especially from good friends you expect fairness and reasonableness because they know your character and hey know you as a decent person. But the sad reality is that along the time in your life you loose friends because of things like that. And that is not your fault. But on the other hand, you will gain new friends . That’s life and things will get better. But nevertheless it hurts and I understand your pain.

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    No. A true friend would understand that people do not agree on every thing. Dump him and move on to some friends who are more open minded.

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    Someone that fanatical and shallow is not someone you would want as a friend. I would be glad to learn how small minded this person is and make new friends. I'm friends with people on all sides of the political spectrum and none of them are that messed up. We agree to disagree and then talk about something else. That's what mature people do. 

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