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Do you think anti-vax propaganda is being spread by the Russians & Chinese in an attempt to weaken the US population?

The fewer Americans who take vaccines, the more susceptible America becomes to pandemics. Do you think the Chinese & Russians are capitalizing on this by spreading anti-vax propaganda?

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    Anti-vax propaganda is being spread by the same sort of nutjobs who spread anti-mask, anti-social distancing and anti-5G propaganda. They maintain that MMR vaccine causes autism even though the British doctor who made that association was exposed as a charlatan who faked his research for financial gain.

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    A brand new never before used TYPE of vaccine was created. 

    The actual technology.  We don't know if this will create any problems 1 year, 10 years 40 years from now.

    It has been tested for less than 3 months.

    Researchers have no clue how immunity works with covid.  They don't even know if it's based on T-cell / B-cell changes or IgG & IgM antibodies.

    You don't see any problems with this?

    Project Warp Speed was a fantasy when it's was created.

    It's now a scary experiment.

    Why is the focus on a vaccine when treatment is catching up?

    - deaths are down more about 5%

    - hospitalizations are significantly less percentage rate than in the summer?

    - the FDA recently provided emergency approval to the first outpatient treatment.

    - an anti-inflammatory drug has stopped covid progression in 100% of cases during studies. 

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