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why are cats hateful and unpleasant?

so i'm staying with my mom for two weeks and she has two dogs and a cat. the dogs are cool but her cat hates me. i tried and be nice by touching its head but all i got was hissing and growling. even just walking by it growls at me. my mom thinks it's hilarious. so last night after work i come in and while in the kitchen here comes the cat, she starts rubbing all over my legs and meowing. i bent down to pet her and she jumped in my arms, i was shocked. i finally figured out that she wanted food. i thought we had made friends but this morning she acts like it never happened and is back to growling at me. why are cats like this???


yeah, i will ignore her too the next time she comes begging me to feed her. like nope lil missy, wait on my mom to get up :D

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    Sometimes you need to earn a cats trust. Some are not happy when other people are in their house. Keep giving her treats, only pet her when she wants you to, respect her space when she doesn't and give her time but even then some cats will still not like you. Its just how some cats are. If that's the case respect it and leave her alone and you guys will be fine. 

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    Cats can be very territorial over their space, more than people think they are. You have infiltrated HER house, and she doesn't like it. YOU are HER guest, not the other way around. That is her little kingdom. So ignore her right back. You don't have to be friends with her, you don't have to pet her, you don't have to do anything to her or with her, just ignore her. When she shows you attention, great. If she doesn't, great. Just leave her alone. You cannot force a cat to like you. This doesn't make them hateful and spiteful, it makes them CATS, for crying out loud, and it's a very common thing for them to do when one is in their home. So ignore it.

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