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Is there something similar to cool whip that's lactose-free?  If so, what is it called?


I'm talking about FOOD that doesn't trigger a milk allergy.  How is that bigoted?  

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     I have a few ideas for you

    A can of refrigerated Coconut milk will whip just like whipped cream will.  I have not read anything if it can be stabilized or not.  You can use a number of products to stabilize whipped cream so maybe the same things would work for whipped coconut milk. 

    Aqua Faba that water from a can of beans, typically the liquid from Garbanzo Beans is used.  That will whip up like whipped cream will.  I am not particularly fond of the flavor that I detect many people that have used it do not mind the flavor so maybe it is just me. 

    There are non dairy whipped toppings that you can get as well. 

    I just did a quick search and Walmart has a non dairy whipped topping looks like it is coconut based and Target has a product Silk Whipping Cream non dairy and Vegan.

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