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What do 26-32 years old women look for in a guy compared to 17-25 of age girls? ?

Do the requirement changes? 

What do they look for in a guy?

My ex-girlfriends or girls who used to admire me that time now don't consider me as a suitable partner. 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    At 17, I was looking for a sweet, funny guy who liked me. If he was cute on top of that, then that was a plus.

    At 26, I was looking for a man. I'm not talking about things like high education or well-paying job (I dated a carpenter, an architect, and a university student - not simultaneously), but a guy who had his sh*t together. Someone self-confident with a solid sense of humour who didn't need looking after and wasn't looking for a "mommy-figure". Someone who knew what he wanted (that would be me) and didn't play all the ridiculous dating games / mind games. If he was sexy on top of that was a plus.

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