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Is it racist not to date people based on these assumptions, even if I never say them out loud to people and be kind to their faces?

1) I don't date white conservative men because they think they are above everyone else.

2) I don't date black men because they cheat  (I have nothing against black people as a whole, I've just seen to much drama when it comes to other people dating black men).

3) I won't date a Pakistani man because they abuse women (have you ever even read the Quran or looked into their culture? Nuff said).

4) I don't want to deal with in laws when it comes to Indian men. Fvcking nightmare fuel.

5) I just plain wouldn't date a man from a third world country, because all he wants from me is a green card.

That's still not to say that I have anything against talking to them or being friends with them, I just wouldn't date any of these people. However, even when I'm just being nice and friendly, most men expect something more from me simply because they were "being nice guys". As if I owed them something for that. Now I find I can't even be friendly around men I'm not interested in dating.

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    Bigots are allowed to date whomever they wish.  I'm white, once was REALLY bothered by a black man in a bar.  He finally said, "You won't date me because I'm black," and I said, "No, I won't date you because you're obnoxious."  Was that racist?  I don't think so.

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    2 months ago

    You're allowed to have your preferences no matter how bigoted they may be. The funny thing is that I bet you consider yourself better then others because of how enlightened you think you are. 

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    It is ignorant to make such blanket assumptions about an entire cultural gender. I wouldn't call it racist necessarily, but wow do you have a lot of stereotype hang-ups. 

  • 2 months ago

    I wouldn't consider it racist. Generalizations, yes. Most men do not fit neatly into your five groups, which is the folly of generalizing.

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