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Are you able to put someone else on life insurance without their social?

Okay so let me start off with this. Before I was doing taxes on my own, my mom had me and my son as the dependents and needed his social right? So I gave her his social and then I think nothing of it until I check his documents and realize that his social is missing. They swear up and down that they gave it back to me when I know that they didnt. So I end up getting him a replacement and I'm like okay whatever, maybe his stupid dad took it for some reason. So fast forward to last year, my moms boyfriend said that he has my son on some type of life insurance plan. My question is first off, is he even allowed to do that??? He didnt ask my permission at all!! Secondly, do you need a social security number to do that?? Because they don't have the replacement SSC, I do. And it'll make it very clear to me that he was lying about everything.

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  • 2 months ago

    It seems suspicious.

    Do not give him anything at all.

  • 2 months ago

    This sounds suspicious. The boyfriend has no direct relation to your son and insurance companies look for relationships. I suggest you confirm with an insurance agent.

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