why do you need security ssh on a switch? CDP on a switch? NTP on a switch? ?

Why do you use these on your routers?

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  • VP
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Great answer from 'I Like Stories'.  In addition, CDP or Cisco Discovery Protocol is used to help admins "see" other neighboring Cisco devices in the same network. It helps you map out devices via the 'Show CDP' commands.  It's a very handy tool when a site's network map is lacking details.

  • 2 months ago

    SSH is used to "securely" access the administrative interface on the switch/router through the network.  If you use telnet to access the switch through the network it is not secure.  SSH is not unique to network equipment, lots of "compute equipment" supports it.

    CDP is a proprietary Cisco protocol, I'm not intimately familiar with its application other than it's used to automatically discover control points on a network.  My guess is so that you can manage/administer them via network management application vs having to enter them all manually.

    NTP is used to make sure all the devices on the network are using the same time of day.  This is important when you are using logs to troubleshoot issues on the network, the logs will timestamp events - where it can be challenging if the devices time of day clocks are not synchronized.

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