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Why is there a 3rd person view camera for video games that are considered simulators?

If you look at simulators such as Gran Turismo Sport, Assetto Corsa Competizione, Project CARS 2, the Formula 1 games by codemasters and so many more you're going to see that all of them have something in common, they all have a 3rd person view camera which allows the driver to drive the car from behind with a massive field of view which consequently gives a false advantage. My question is, why are developers encouraging sim racers to use the third person view? Aren't we supposed to drive in the most realistic way possible? Or is their hunger for money so massive that they prefer to sacrifice the concept of simulation so that their game is played by more people? I just don't get it guys. Why is this happening year after year? When will PlayStation drivers learn to drive realistically and fairly? That's why I never play online and I think I never will.

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  • thank you,  i couldn't really agree with you anymore,   more than once have i left messages to you tubers laughing at them for driving via remote control 6 feet behind the vechile,  there used to be a sim clan who swore by this   OCM,   only cockpit mode....there has been one or 2 sims which have allowed a host, hosting a game online to force certain options on players,  iv'e been playing a sim recently where it's forced manual clutch, which ok is realism but there are greater priorities to sort out...

    yeah the answer would be tht most said developers are looking to get as many players on board as possible, excuse the pun,  therefore they give the player as many options as is feasably possible,  but like i said options when hosting server side can tailor a game to people's tasts   and racing on board camera in a sim is certainly what a sim should do..

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    Can't you just switch to 1st-person and play the game that way?

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