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Would i be charged in this scenario? And if not whats the best way to report her?

Ok some quick background info: I am a disabled person and I often am given in-home health workers to help with day to day tasks. My most recent worker was my ex-wife. She was on the payroll through a private health care provider. Now she was technically employed with them for over 2 years but after about 6 months she quit doing the work but still turned in a timecard every week and forged my signature on it. Unfortunately I knew about it for the majority of the time and was even complicit by reporting to her employer that all was well. Now, I never benifited from it, but now there is a situation where I feel I need to report her. So my question is am I potentially guilty of the same or similar charges in this scenario? And if not who would it be best to report it to?

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    "reporting her" is equivalent to cutting your own throat with a very dull knife.  You were complicit in fraud.  Yes, so was she.  This sounds like revenge, revenge which will come back at you full force.

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    You are guilty of fraud, insurance or otherwise.

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