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How many calories are there if I don't eat the bread?

i.e the Sausage egg sandwich is 200 calories and I don't eat the bread. 

The PBJ sandwich is 300 calories and I don'teat the bread. 

How many calories do you save my not eating bread 

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    Depends on the bread.  A standard slice of bread is close to 100 calories -- just look at the package.  An English muffin is more like 70 calories. It is unlikely that a PBJ sandwich would be only 300 calories - 200 for the two slices of bread and another 200 for 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, plus the jelly.

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    Look on the bread packaging to see the nutritional information.

    Bread normally has around 70 calories/slice, although you can get some that contain 35 calories per slice. 35 calorie bread is good bread - I use it all the time. It just lacks the quality in the texture of higher-calorie breads. The only real issue is that it too often has holes big enough to drive a truck through.

    Beyond this, there is no difference.

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