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How do I get a fresh start?

Hi, I am 18 years old and graduated this year. I was told once I graduate I was going to get a car like my older brother. Long story short that didn’t happen. So I started working and attending community college. After months of struggling to find a ride back and for to work and an overload of school work I had a very bad mental breakdown. I ended up quitting my job without notice and dropping out of college. And I spent half my savings on bad habits. I dug myself a deeper hole then I was in. After I started slacking off my grandmother sent me back to my alcoholics mom house and now I’m in a huge standstill. I have no idea what to do and I have zero motivation to do anything at all. I know that I’m ruining my life more and more by the day but it’s hard to survive in this world without a car. I just need to get away for a few months to get a job and get back on track. But I have no idea where to start. Any suggestions? 

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    Take long walks clear your head start the day with a quiet time let the answers appear.

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    Wow, at 18 you have so much experience. You took all sorts of risks without the knowledge you have now. You sound like a brave person. Those risks had a big downside, but they have given you so many rewards. Consider, you held and quit a job, went to and dropped out of college, blew your savings on things that were probably fun in the moment (hopefully giving you some nice memories of a new Xbox or funky sneakers), and you practiced some bad habits like lots of people your age. 

    You just have to take your time and rebuild. Get any job, save money, move out into a cheap roommate situation, but be more practical and self-caring. First, you need to work and save some money. Just take any job you can, and save as much as possible for a couple months. Then reach out to friends, cousins, former colleagues, anyone you know and let them know you are looking for a cheap sublet or room, or even a sofa to crash on for a month or two, and to contact you if they have any suggestions. Then move out, work really hard to find some work, and hope things work out. But, at 18, it's really important you learn from your experiences. Try hard not to make the same mistakes, and choose your friends and social opportunities wisely. 

    Consider this, the definition of risk is "risk of failure," but without risk we can't succeed. You took some risks, which means you have risk tolerance, and you're still standing. You'll take other risks in the future--you'll win some and lose some, but in the end you'll rack up more wins than losses. 

    Make sure you draw on the wisdom you acquired over the last few years.  

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    Yes, stop trolling and you'll be just fine.  

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