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Why is my sister so hateful for no reason?

I was told she ended up getting mad at me and calling me boring behind my back because she got mad because I stood up to her. And she's been talking crap about my boyfriend too and he's new! He's done absolutely NOTHING to her ever! And I've never actually done anything either and neither has anyone else in the family but she's mean to everyone! It just really put it into perspective for me when I found out she was doing to him because he's like fresh meat lol he's so new.. she's only been around him a handful of times and doesn't know him at all as a person. We've been dating well over a few months and love one another you'd think she'd be happy for me specially since she knows what I've been through with my last bf.... I finally found a good guy who genuinely cares about me and she's going around telling lie about him saying that he doesn't pay for my food that I have to pay my way for everything... Which isn't any of her business anyway! But also it isn't true at all! He's paid for my food alot because he wanted to! There was times I tried to pay for my food myself and he told me not to! And she went around telling people he didn't have a job which he does.... And my nephew likes him and was excited to see him on Thanksgiving an when he talking about wanting to see Jimmy sister his other aunt asked him why he'd want to see my bfs anyway ? Told him that my bf was lame and boring. My other told me all this and I 100% believe her as I've seen how nasty our other sister can be


Sorry some of the spelling messed up.. my phone screen is broken ATM and is messing my stuff up a little.

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    Best to avoid that sister. Do not go anywhere she will be.

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    your sister is probably a lesbian.  She hates men

  • Foofa
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    2 months ago

    Perhaps your sister has her own problems. Perhaps you're just blindly defending a guy that others can see a lot of faults in. More than likely both are true but it's never wise to let temporary romantic partners drive permanent wedges between you and the people who are there to have your back for life. 

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    you have wayyy too much drama in your life.Cut out dramatic people

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    2 months ago

    Not all siblings are expressive.

    How she behaves is far more important 

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