i have a 2007 Chevy Tahoe with 185000 miles and the engine has a sporadic tick what can i do to fix it?

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    The fix is CHEAP and EASY! Due to your OIL CHOICES your engine is full of hardening COKE, VANISH, SLUDGE< WAX, ASH, TAR like auto cholesterol!!! GET ONE CAN of GUNK ORIGINAL ORANGE engine cleaner and ONE CAN of AMSOIL POWER FOAM ON LINE or from an AMSOIL DEALER close to you! Use your SMART PHONE to find a DEALER! It is usually LESS than $10. the AMSOIL is UNIQUE in that it EXPANDS when heated!>> add HALF can of EACH to your CRANKCASE! GM used to make a cleaner called X66 which is the SAME THING as AMSOIL< namely butyl cellosolve, a DESLUDGING AGENT! START and runt he car for several miles GENTLY NOT FULL POWER! The HOT AMSOIL wil get into every crevice of your OIL SYSTEM and remove YEARS of baked in SLUDGE, COKE and TAR ad]nd WAX! VALVOLINE is the number one cause of this! it is a CHEAP WAX REDUCTION OIL!  The LIFTERS are like a BULLET within another BULLET with a spring inside and PORT HOLES for oil ENTRY and EXIT! Only AMSOIL and GUNK can remove the YEARS of baked in foulness inside your engine now! Use the AMSOIL to run through your PCV VALVE! Expect BILLOW#S of smoke from the exhaust as AMSOIL scrubs the baked in FILTH in each piston ring and piston to[p! It is ALSO cleaning the CARBON from the O2 sensors and the CONVERTER as well!  Get ready to use ONLY PENNZOIL ULTRA PLATINUM OIL from NOW ON! IT will CONTINUE the clean every moment SAFELY on the road and extends your engine warranty to 500,000 miles with ONE or TWO oil changes per YEAR ONLY! Use a MOBIL ONE SYNTEHTIC OIL FILTER the REST are just PAPER elements! GO TO ADVANCE AUTO and buy DENSO TWIN TIP IRIDIUM LASER spark plugs for $7 each or ON LINE! REMVOE THE PLUGS in yo8ur engine and insert the AMOIL NOZZLE directly into EACH VACANT spark plugs hole! SOIN ENIGEN a few times and wait for twenty minutes THE AMSOIL will really EXPAND into the rings and super clean them back to ORIGINAL! After the twenty minutes spin the engine AGAIN to expel excessive fluid out the PLUGS HOLES and then install the new DENSO IRIDIUM PLUGS called TT plugs! You will NOT believe all the POWER and MILEAGE coming your way NOW! AC DELCO Plugs have NEVER passed any PLUG TESTS and are JUNK! Many GM cars now come with NGK Japanese plugs! They FINALLY GOT SMART! the active ingredient in AMOIL POWER FOAM is butyl cellosolve and GM used to make a sludge remover called X66, made of the SAME chemical! ITIS amazing! GO TO THE DIY CAR WASH with more GUNK and clean the OUTSIDE of your engine and the space BEHIND the RADIATOR where bugs, bird droppings, leaves, twigs, seeds and FEATHERS have collected for YEARS inhibiting good AIR FLOW! you MAY have to remove the radiator hold down panel to get there! WASH EVERYTHING with the GUNK it is MANLY DIESEL FUEL with a few additives and also SAFE to use! >>SOP NOW the mixes have cleaned YEARS of baked in JUNJK within the engine! NOW FOCUS ont eh THROTTLE BODY and the IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE near it! ALL THE AIR coming in the engine is from THESE TWO THINGS! BTW>> you do NOT have a "GAS" pedal! Only an "AIR" pedal! Your foot adds only AIR to the engine an the sensors add the injected fuel to your foot demands! it is BACKWARDS from carbureted engines! There is NO ACCELERATOR PUMP so pumping the pedal only exercises your FOOT!A CKLEAN engine can prevent DAMAGES to your CRANK POSITION SENSOR that is an electromagnet and VULNERABLE to the excessive heat from BAD  RADIATOR AIR FLOW! If it OVERHEATS the engine can STOP Untill it cools down! GOOD LUCK to you and you can let me know your newfound JOY at rgmuske@yahoo,com! The PENNZOIL will PREVENT and ANY sludge, wax, tar ash formation and KEEP THINGS CLEAN INSIDE! FIRST oil change should be when the DIPSTICK is DARK DARK BROWN or THIN! So THERE IT IS! A NEARLY NEW# engine with about an HOUR or so of weekend work! You may need to replace the IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE they jus do NOT last long once the have baked in TAR inside them! IT is on the side of the THROTTLE BODY HOUSING! BTW>>>>all the MUCK you see on your throttle body plate is what the whole inside of the engine LOOKS LIKE! ALL THIS is from YOUR CHOICE of OILS! yoU ONLYHAVE TO CHANGE THE pennzoil oNCE OR TWICE A YEAR BASED ON ITS color AND WHAT **** IT HAS REMOVED FROM THE inside OF THE engine! Your engine will NOW now QUIETER AND WITH THOSE denso plugs WILL EVEN sound MORE POWERFUL CUZ IT is MORE POWERFUL! EVERY DAY with PENNZOIL will clean MORE and MORE baked in old oil residue AS YOU  DRIVE IT! You will FEEL IT working in a day or two as well! GOOD LUCK and doing these small changes will save your GAS MONEY TIMES TWO usually! The CLEAN IAC Will keep your CONVERTER clean and also your O2 sensor and the entire EXHAUST system! This I would charge about $400-450 to do! YOU CAN DO THIS YOURSELF EASILY! WALMART has PENNOZUIL ULTRA 0W-30 on SALE most times for $20/FIVE QUARTS! get a OBIL ONE synthetic filter as the other ones are just plain PAPER elements! There is even a FLEECE FILTER but HARD to find from HENGST company of GERMANY! KEEP THE OUTSIDE of your engine CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN with frequent engine washings! GOOD

    LUCK but you will NOT really need it! BYE NOW!

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    I would do an oil change and add either seafoam or marvels mystery oil with the oil change. Sometimes those additives can clear out gunk that could cause sticky lifters. 

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    bring it to the shop . 

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    If it's the hydraulic lifters you'll need to replace them. I'd leave it alone and make sure to change the oil and filter every 3,000 miles or every 5,000 miles if running synthetic oil. Check the oil level every 1,000 miles and keep it topped up. Lifter noise happens when the oil isn't changed at the above stated mileage or if the oil level drops too low.

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    I would guess that a valve lifter is getting sticky.  Changing oil might help.  Changing oil more frequently might help.  Might find some new chemical that you could add to the oil that might help.

        Could just learn to live with it for the next 100,000 miles.

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