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Puppy worms? ?

Worms inside of young puppies stool. Alive long and gold. She had wet stool and got lethargic after. 9 weeks of age was given her for free while in Arkansas she did have fleas but I took care of that. First few stools were worm free. Is this deadly to my puppy ? Are worms like this common ? I have a vet appointment. I’m scared she was given to me with no shots having been done . I don’t want to lose her .


Thankyou all for the lovely answers I appreciate them all ! 

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    They are common and if it came with fleas you can guarantee it has worms as well...... worms cause lots of problems for pups stopping them getting nutrition from the food they eat so it is important to get your pup treated quickly and at 9 weeks old it is unlikely your pup has had an vaccination espeically as the pup was given away full of fleas/worms ( which are easily treated)...if it had been vaccinated it would just be the first vsccinations nd you would have a vet record card to prove that

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    Dogs/puppies can have different kinds of worms. The vet will probably prescribe worm and flea medication. However, make sure that you start regular heartworm prevention medication once your puppy is 7 months old. Heartworms are the most dangerous parasite for dogs and very difficult to cure. You can get heartworm preventive meds like Heartgard or Trifexis from your vet or online sites like Petcarrx.

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    After our first litter, when I didn't know any better, we wormed those bitches who were going to be mated, before the mating.  Although all puppies are usually born with roundworm, this treatment of mum should minimise the worm load the puppies have when born.  But they still need worming which we did, using Sherleys Worming Syrup, from 2 weeks of age (at the same time, worming mum again with a normal adult wormer) and the puppies wormed every 2 weeks to the time they went home, with the new owners given a worming history, when done and with what, for their vet to see.   We recommended another worming be done by 3 months of age.

    Worms are not normally deadly, to any dog, but carrying a worm load won't be good for any dog's overall health, especially puppies!   However, we only worm, apart from when breeding, if we see a need to do this.    I don't see the need to put chemicals into any animal, without the need.

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    Super common.  Worms are rampant in Arkansas, my 9 year old came from there as a puppy and in spite of having been treated very agressively for worms, twice, she still had worms.

    Get to the vet asap, your pup will be ok.  You also need all the other elements of a puppy vet package.

    What is probably the life threatening thing is PARVO, a deadly disease that lives in the soil and will kill a puppy without shots.  So get your pup in asap and start that shot program.

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    Most puppies are born with worms.  She will not die from them.  The vet will give her the medication to get rid of the worms.  

    Worms are not good for dogs, but it takes a lot of worms to even make them sick.  I think most dog owners worm them once a year or so. 

    There are two main kinds of worms - round worms and tape worms.  In the stool, tapeworms look like wiggling grains of rice.  Round worms are what you described.  There are also pinworms, which are very tiny roundworms.  None of these is lethal and all are curable.

    You need to start informing yourself about all aspects of having a pet dog.

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    Puppies are BORN with worms.  Good breeders start a worming regimine when they are a few weeks old.

    Your vet will prescribe a dewormer, and she likely will need at least 2-3 doses

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    ALL puppies have roundworm.  

    Yes your puppy needs to be dewormed.

    Your vet also needs to run a fecal check to check for the eggs of other parasites.   Roundworm is not the only worm your puppy may have, and there are different medications for different parasites.   There are zero medications that will deworm for "everything". 

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    Worms can be deadly, if let untreated.  They remove much nutrition from the puppy and some can suck blood and make the puppy anemic.  A really heavy worm load can back-up so badly from the intestines, a puppy may be seen vomiting worms.  Puppy may be infected with than one type - at the same time, considering there are 4 different intestinal worms.  Do see vet ASAP.  

    By the way OTC flea treatments are not usually very effective, so speak to the vet about BEST treatment (for your specific area) since fleas can become immune to certain ingredients in the controls AND can transmit TAPEWORMS - and no OTC wormer will treat them.

    Wormy puppies can be very run-down, and are MORE LIKELY to contract Parvo-virus or Distemper virus - than healthy puppies (esp those not started on vaccines by a REPUTABLE breeder  or shelter at 7 weeks) and therefore will also be MORE LIKELY to die, if unhealthy at the start and then, may get sick.  "Free" puppies are often very costly, in all the extras that are needed to make them healthy & whole.  I hope you have a deep wallet or a healthy credit card.

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