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How do I get rid of intrusive thoughts?

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    You can't. I know, because I've suffered with them half my life. I learned in CBT that you can't get rid of them exactly. You just have to learn to accept them as thoughts and not react to them. They'll fade away as they don't get a reaction out of you anymore.

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    Having had OCD which was once moderate to severe but is now under control, I agree that you have to sit with them. Also not engage in compusions. 

    Example #1 - Sometimes when I was driving I would hit a bump in the road and feel compelled to flip a U-turn to see if I had run someone over. This was happening to the point that it was causing me issues with being late to work. I had to learn to force myself to keep going if I had no rational reason to believe that I had hit someone, even if that fear still came. Eventually, the fear left.

    Example #2 - Sometimes I worried about if I had or would kill someone, even though I had no desire to and the thought was repulsive. I ended up setting aside an hour a day to do nothing but think about killing people - event if fighting the thought had dominated my mind earlier on. Eventually the thoughts went from horrifying to boring.

    If you do have OCD, I strongly recommend seeing a therapist who has experience in exposure therapy. People think of OCD as being a neat freak but it's really about your brain creating anxieties (whether it involves fear of contamination, fear of doing or having done awful things, health fears, etc.) and not being able to function because they are so dominant.

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    If people knew how they could control their thoughts, trust me, we wouldn't have half of the world's problems. Murders, rapes, and other crimes are mostly carried in the impulse of thoughts. If only the culprits could rid themselves of their thoughts, we would be spared of a lot of crimes. 

    What we can do, however, is calm ourselves and increase our focus. We can do this by the intake of medical marijuana as it increases our focus and calms our nerves down which helps us think better

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    Do meditation, You can get

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    just stop thinking

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    As someone who used to have severe OCD, based on my psychiatric assessment results 2 years ago, you have to sit with your intrusive thoughts. The more you try to get rid of them, the more you are teaching your brain that those thought are important or are dangerous and it will keep producing those thoughts to encourage you to react and respond and get yourself to safety.

    Unfortunately, this doesn't work, and its been proven by science. You have to not respond to the thought and realize that your intrusive thoughts have no meaning. They mean nothing, they are just thoughts produced by your brain, you do not need to react to them at all. It is just a thought, like any other thought.

    What you have to do is teach your brain that the thoughts it is producing are irrelevant, they have no meaning and they are just your brain blabbing thought. 

    I hope this answered your question, I'm not sure what your specific case is, as you didn't mention, but this is what I've learned with my journey dealing with intense intrusive thoughts from having OCD.

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    One method I have learned is to disrupt the thought when it comes.  Wear a rubber band loosely around your wrist.  Whenever the intrusive thought arrives, snap the rubber band on your wrist.  This disrupts the thought.  It worked for me, the thoughts became less intrusive within a day, and within a few days were gone.  Of course I still know what those thoughts were, but they no longer intrude.

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    simple with an imaginary cleaning clothe , thinks your mind needs cleaning and dusting .. or maybe a new lock on your thoughts .

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    Get a project going that takes some real problem solving. 

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    Meditation can really help and a structured therapy. You need to get on meds for it too. I suffer from it as well 

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