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How to get money owed from a company?

A car dealer owes a refund for a cancelled service contract.  They agreed to the cancellation and the refund.  But they never sent the refund.  They ignore calls and letters and just won't do anything.  Is it ok to use the words "like a thief" when filing a complaint with the state agency about them?   Unfortunately, the small claims courts are closed because of the virus.


It's been months since the cancellation.  The dealer never sent the service contract to a third party.  The car was paid in full.

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    the car dealer is not who owes you money. Whoever the contract was with does.  And you will not get a cash refund if you financed it with the car, it will go to the lender.

    All that said you need to contact the company that wrote the service contract. 

    This IS worth pursing but you will not get a large check. Your lender will. Send a certified letter to the company, not the dealer.

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    Why create a compliant with the state agency?

    Just take them to small claims court.

    Make sure you have the documentation that tells how to cancel the contract and make sure that you have done exactly what is required.  This is a transaction that usually will take about 2 months to process.  Has it been that long?

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    Once you start using loaded words and phrases, the state agency will not treat it as a totally serious one.

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    You must be a communist for expecting a company to live up to their word.

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