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My elderly Mom was in the hospital for a fall and I was wondering if I should complain, see comments below?

First of all, hospital has COVID patients, but has a good record of not spreading it, none of the nurses ever got it from patients.

My elderly Mom came home by ambulance with the same clothes on she entered the hospital with, even though I brought clean clothes for her to wear (I was not allowed to visit her due to covid), nobody changed her (she needs dressing assistance). The doctor told me he would send a physical therapist to her room and order pain medication, it never happened.

I told the hospital social worker she had to go up 25 stairs and I didn't know if she could climb them after her fall. They send her home in an ambulance with 2 short female EMT's. They can't carry her up the stairs so she had to struggle to walk up in pain while they held her from behind. Mom had no mask on in the ambulance, the EMT's said she wouldn't wear it, so why didn't they insist and tell her it was required?

When I took off her dirty shirt at home, all the leads from the EMG were still attached to her body. Should I complain?

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    Hospitals ALWAYS leave the leads on, unless the patient makes them take them off.  They hurt to take off and the hospital staff doesn't want to deal with it.  To get them off easier use water.

    Your mom is an adult.  If she won't wear a mask the EMTs are putting their future patients at risk but why fight with mom about it.  We all know they aren't going to not drive her home because of it.

    We don't know how long your mom was in the hospital.  If she was in the hospital overnight, then for sure they changed her.  They put her in a hospital gown.  if she arrived home in the same clothes than that's what they changed her back into.

    Often PT is unable to show up when they are ordered.

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