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How do I use a calendar?

My mom just gave me an early Christmas present, a handmade calendar. I told her I loved it and what not, but after she left, I began desperately crying as I have never had nor used a calendar. I didn’t want her to be disappointed, but I really do not know what to do with it. I see that it has the dates of the year, but what am I supposed do with that information? Like I know tomorrow is ******* December 2nd, what’s the point of the calendar? How do I use it? I’m slowly becoming angry at my mom for such a ridiculous gift. Please explain and help. Thanks in advance.

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    Calendars make useful place mats.  A new one every month (!)

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    First of all snowflake, you NEVER be angry for something your mother gives you out of love. That is hateful and you should be ashamed. If you weren't so into that fking piece of garbage electronics attached to the end of your arm for your pathetic insta fix, you might actually know how to do something of use.. 

    A calendar generally has one page for every month. The top of the page will say the month. Under that you will see 7 columns going across the page, each column divided into boxes; each box with a number. At the top of each column are the days of the week, typically starting with Sunday and ending with Saturday. If you look under Wednesday you will see the number 2. That means that in this month of December, Wednesday (today) is the second day. Tomorrow will be Thursday the 3rd of December, and so on. 

    Learn now that you aren't going to have your mother forever. You are her heart and soul and her sun and moon. You are her life. Act like it, My mother died this April, and I am going to have to face this Christmas without her. It fcking hurts like hll, and to read what you wrote about your mother who worked hard to give you a nice gift just fking sickens me. The world doesn't rotate around you, but understand this here and now~~ to your Mom you are the whole world. Start acting like it.

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    Hang it on the wall. That's what normal people do with them.

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