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is this considered inappropriate ?

I like someone that appears to be young. He drives but I dont know for sure if he's hit the 18 year old mark yet. So I'm apprehensive about how this will play out. Do I just wait a year and then go look for him? Do I just try to find him online? Dont know his name or alias.

Here's what I know about him:

He's tall, gorgeous body, very skinny, flamboyant arm gestures (attractive), laughs a lot, black tape up hair, caucasian, beautiful eyes, delicious pink looking lips, has a hilarious presence, white tee round collar, no pants, no name; call him kent, he could be originally from a foreign country, looks like a gangster but acts like a sweetheart, steals hearts, goes to the stores to buy stuff, don't know where he lives. I know what he drives and what he doesn't drive. I do know his surrounding area that he may locally be at times. I dont know the times. Have you seen him? 

What would you do? I'm lonely and desperate and want a friend to hug. I also wanna talk about life with him and what's to come in our future. I could see us having a happy life on my terms and his, mutually. if he's of age. I mean... he drives, right? So why not? If he drives, he's damn nearly of legal age. 

I have dirty thoughts of him but I won't approach him until I think he's of age. I want to hug him and talk with so we could laugh together. If he had a brother, it would be a double booster of happiness and joy for me filled with an abundance of laughter. He stole my heart when I first saw him. 


Well I'm baffled by you, person who is unnamed. Would you rather to have posted it in your form of brief english instead? I wrote it this way so that I'm clear and concise and not misleading in terms of projecting the idea of wanting to rob the cradle. There are laws that we have to abide by in the United States of America. Not sure if you got the memo.

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    Your overly-long, idiotic post you mean? Inappropriate? No, just tedious.

    Really, person who is unnamed? So if you're willing to admit that you're 'projecting the idea of wanting to rob the cradle', why are you asking if it's appropriate? Appropriate to whom, person who is unnamed? Your hypocrisy and dishonesty is showing. 

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