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Have you ever had an encounter as such?

My ex and I usually used to go to the park to play sports every now and then. We'd play baseball or tennis. I loved tennis! This very day it was a baseball day. We might've already played baseball and decided to sit down and have our hamburgers and hotdogs we witnessed a couple $%^&*#! about a ways away from us on the grass. There were so many trees but it was still an open type of field area that you could play tennis but minus the net. As they f&^ked, we continue to eat and enjoy the view. Of course we were mildly ashamed by their act of bravery. I also wondered, "Is the male a cutie?" so that way they could've asked us to join if it was on mutual terms. But that didn't happen. They were just into their own thing. So they continued to f*ck and f*ck and they had a picnic cloth, and a basket, probably wine as well with some sandwiches. I enjoyed my burnt hotdogs because that's usually what I get. I love love hotdogs! I'm sure my ex enjoyed the view and his sandwiches. We didn't end up continuing to play baseball because we decided to just leave afterwards. I believe as we left, they were still going at it. Almost like they were sending a subliminal message of some kind of who can f*ck longer? Idk. True story. Funny, huh? 

Have you guys ever encountered a public situation like this before ? What was your experience like? 

Or what are some of your public humiliation experiences that you may have endured? 

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