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What are the tips for cracking the UPSC on the first attempt?

1.Right Knowledge

2. Right Strategy

3. Right Guidance

4. Right Attitude

5. Right Efforts

After that start reading the basic NCERT

books which is very important and which helps you to make your base strong.

Start reading the newspaper Hindu or Indian express.

Revise mock exams 2-3 times and evaluate their performance.

Solve previous year paper at least 10 to 15 Years. Every year, 15-20 Qs in UPSC Prelims appear from PYQs

. Decide how important that topic is (depending on the number of questions that came), how many books should you read (what type of questions are coming), and how deeply you should read a topic (depending on the difficulty level of the questions). Understand whether a topic is more important from Prelims or Mains point of view (depending on the number of questions that came from a topic in Prelims & Mains). Topic Management & Time Management - spend lesser time on topics that have less number of questions.

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    Study study study 

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