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Trump is crying about fraud a lot, how much fraud is he trying to hide?

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    OP Anonymous:   traitor trump is an ILLEGITIMATE president < THAT is the biggest thing that he is trying to hide.  

    For The USA’s 2016 presidential election, HILLARY CLINTON won the national, popular vote.   

    Meanwhile, traitor trump cheated for the votes for the Electoral College.   The republican party RIGGED the votes for the Electoral College.   (I have proof.)  

    traitor trump is an ILLEGITIMATE president!!  

    Source(s): > See website: Nationalpopularvotedotcom
  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    A lot. Trump is the king of projection. 

    When Trump came completely out of left field and started saying the election was rigged against him in 2016 and then we later found out and got irrefutable proof somebody ACTUALLY WAS rigging the election, that somebody being HIM and his campaign in collusion with Russia, many of them being indicted and now convicted and in prison on charges of being accessories to his election-rigging crimes (e.g., Michael Cohen), Trump only shielded from the same fate by the executive privilege clause of the Constitution that shields a sitting President from indictment, that's when I started noticing that every time he accuses someone else of something, that's EXACTLY what he's doing. 

    You see, he's shown himself to project his underhanded deeds by falsely accusing others of the exact same thing. He does that because he's deluded himself into believing his false accusations, his lies, are true. That's how he lives with himself. Otherwise, if he didn't do that, he'd be faced with the fact and be admitting to himself that he needs to cheat to win, that he can't win fair and square. That would make him inferior though, not the "greatest ever" but a loser. The last thing he'll ever let himself admit to himself or to anybody else is that he's a loser, because losing is a cardinal sin, in his opinion, a loser the very worst thing anybody in the world can ever be. 

    So when we see Trump level completely preposterous and unfounded accusations, that's his tell. That's him tipping his hand and subconsciously projecting out into the world what he's done. Over and over and over, he has proven this to be the case. He should NEVER play poker.

  • donnie
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    2 months ago

    Well he is actually trying to expose things 

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