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Car Accident legal advice ?

On October 5th 2020 I was involved in a car accident in Florida and I was passenger in the at fault vehicle. I had a pre existing broken wrist and I recieved a concussion and a hematoma on my left knee. They do not know the wrist was already injured, but the medical bills I have leftover after the PIP on the drivers policy is used is about to be fully used up and their will be a $2,000 remainder in medical bills. I am from NC, and on medicaid, the car insurance, GEICO and their lawyers are requesting a proof of no lien from medicaid before they pay the $7500 settlement. Is $7500 enough? Could I get more? Are they able to legally ask for proof of no lien from medicaid? 

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    Ohio personal injury attorney from

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    OP Anonymous:   Get your own attorney - a personal injury attorney.   ASAP  

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    In the future, you should add the fact that the insurance company insists that you provide a full medical history before they pay out one cent.

    And once they find out about your pre existing condition (which they always do before they pay out anything), they will reduce your payment accordingly.

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    Where I come from $7500 punitive damages are about right for the injuries described.  But that is assuming your actual damages are already covered.  If you are $2k out of pocket to cover medical expenses your award should increase.  But if Medicaid is covering it, not you, it may not be a reasonable to demand more.

    They are legally allowed to ask for your medical records/bills, it is up to you whether or not you want to share them.  They just want to make the whole claim disappear, not get re-sued by your insurer.  But your lawyer (or their para-legal) should be explaining all of this to you.

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