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How can I get my regular doctor to prescribe me antidepressants?

This week is a big week for me as I made an appointment with my regular doctor with the intent to address my depression. I’m really scared to actually open up and talk about it, so even when I made the appointment, I said it was because I was having back issues. I realize that was wrong and could ruin things, I was just really embarrassed and ashamed. Am I supposed to be honest on the paperwork I fill out at my appointment as well and say I am experiencing depression? This is all a bit daunting to me. I understand that I’m being stupid. I’m just really scared because I am so incredibly sick of feeling this way, every single day is a struggle and I’m not sure how much more I can take without help and I’m so scared that my doctor won’t be able to help me. It took me a long time to work up the courage to even make this appointment, and I’m so disappointed that I couldn’t even be honest with them and tell them the reason why I wanted to come in. 


I have done therapy, and my therapist thought that it was a good idea I look into taking medicine. We no longer talk, as we both realized therapy wasn’t too helpful. I never thought about seeing a psychiatrist because they’re so expensive. 

Update 2:

My mom was bipolar and took her life you ******* asshole. I don’t joke around about mental health nor do I lie about struggling with it. Having suicidal thoughts is a serious deal so I suggest you **** off you absolute piece of ****. You have quite the pair of balls to come on here sounding like an idiot and judging someone you’ve never met AND suggesting they are faking their illness. You’re sick. 

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    yea, I understand I totally get your situation just always have a goal in mind and stick to small tasks that don't overwhelm you too much. Ik it hard to always try to be positive. I look up positive quotes every day to keep me in a good mood and to start my day right. where I live psychiatrist and psychologist is free with health care so yeah but corona makes it hard to even see a doctor so truly I  get ur situation I hope your life becomes better and better and never give up. 

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