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Should I go in? Is it worth it or have I seen enough to know he isn’t doing anything? Should I trust him?Please need help some peace of mind?

Dating long distances, he gives all his passwords/email to all social media accounts, he screen records his phone to show me anything I want, stays on FaceTime with me from the moment he comes from work & leaves the phone open so we can sleep together & he can wake up to see me before work when we aren’t on the phone we text, supposed to go on trip with his friends but it made me uncomfortable so he stood home for me even though he did put money into that trip, his parents & few friends know about me... BUT I have trust issues. I feel like going into his phone bill history online for two reasons, one being if I type in both passwords & both don’t work it means he has another password he hasn’t told me about & that could be used for other things I don’t know about. Second is for seeing his calls & messages, I know he’s screen records but I’m still worry he has some girl number but puts the name down as one of his friends instead. Recently I went on his FB off activity & it showed a app to have flings, I downloaded his data & it showed it was ad request, ad click, & impression. By that I guess it means it wasn’t him but still made me nervous since all the apps that show on his off activity are all the apps he uses. Also I would check the dating app we met on & months after I saw his account active & till this day he tells me it wasn’t him he even contacted the creator of the app, cried & kinda told his mom. He’s lied about giving me a password he always had when it was new 

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    You truly need some professional help. This is an absolutely absurd level of codependent paranoia you'd built up. This other person needs it too. No well adjusted human being would agree to all the nutso stipulations you've put on this "relationship". It's like you're planning to just keep pushing and pushing until he dumps you so you can prove to yourself that your deeply flawed instincts are right. You're authoring your own fate here and until you address your emotional damage with a professional you will not be able to keep any relationship together. 

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