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Why is everyone else better than me?

I am a middle school girl. I am kind of popular you could say but yeah you know what I mean. I play sports I do math relays and Scholars Bowl I am in the pep band. You would think I have it made. Well that is not the case. I have acne and no I don’t just cover it up with makeup. I am not allowed to wear makeup. Everyone (not exaggerating) wears makeup in some way shape or form. One time the girls in my class we’re telling each other what kind of makeup they have. And I said I don’t wear makeup and all the girls said “we can see that” in a snarky tone. I am kind to people but they think because I’m in the Gifted Program that I am nerdy. I hate it, and I don’t know what to do. P.S the girls that said that are all considered perfect little angels who would never do anything mean.


I am not a troll I am in a weird school I was talking about my senior eighth grade pictures 

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    You say in another question that you're a senior.

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    There is no way you are in middle school. You are a troll. 

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    Middle school is a somewhat crazy time because the hormones are emerging and nobody knows what to do with them.  Take that into consideration and don't take their reactions - or even your own - too seriously.

    Besides, teens always think they look a fright, no matter what.  And for some people, they think if they put others down, they will put themselves up.  

    This is also the time when teens become really embarrassed by their parents.  This isn't rational.  It's just that you are starting to realize that parents aren't perfect or all-powerful, and again, don't quite know what to do about it.

    So what I'm saying is that your experiences are normal and you will live through it.  Will your acne go away?  IDK.  Mine didn't fade until I was 25 and got a job out in the sun.  But then, I think there are a lot of things you can do these days.  

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