Why are Democrats in denial about being the party of the 1%?

Republicans won 91 and 93 of the 100 richest counties in 1980 and 1984 respectively.

They won 43 of them in 2020.

Republicans are for the working class. 


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  • 2 months ago

    Democrats are the party of the humans.  This does include the 1%, but it also includes the working class as well. 

    Republicans are the party of the corporations.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Trump said during the debates that we needed to keep the rich people happy by not raising their taxes. In fact, the tax cut Trump authorized in fine print said the middle class and under weren't going to have their taxes raised until beginning 2021. That Tax reform was actually a delayed tax increase for the middle class and poor not for the rich. Which is so sneaky to try and get him re-elected. Honestly, instead of giving all the benefits to large corporations, i'd rather have the poor & middle class just open their small businesses and become entrepreneurs themselves instead of relying on large companies like Walmart and Amazon that encourage outsourcing our jobs and the American jobs they do have to be severely underpaid. Republican policies just increases the income gap because Republicans are the party of relying on big companies to create the jobs, they don't promote as many policies for the poor, middle class or disadvantaged of doing their own business ventures.

    Look at policy. If you think you've been voting in favor of the working class you're wrong. 

    Biden's policies wants to raise the tax for people making 400k and over. Their first 400k gets taxed the same. Biden wants to make bachelors for state schools free and give 10k to private schools. Biden also wants to forgive 10k of student loan debt that would help the middle class.

    Bernie and the Dems want accessible affordable healthcare to be an America right. Bernie was the first to want to battle the big pharma lobbyists. Trump jumped on that train and hasn't done anything about it because big pharma is that powerful. The GOP wants to do away with Affordable healthcare. Obama supported small businesses and entrepreneurship by giving tax cuts for people who have hobbies. Trump got rid of those tax cuts. Fitness was also a tax cut Obama gave that Trump got rid of. (hobbies can become a person's own small business) 

    What policies are there the Republicans are pushing to help the working class other than helping the rich?

    To be honest there's a lot of working-class Republicans who are voting against policies made for them. Those Republican working-class families are more concerned with rhetoric, religious ideals, and a narrative than what matters. Policy.

    Also, Republicans want to do away with social security. Those of us not born rich already have to work with student loan debt then we would also have to support our parents or grandparents. Those tax brackets never would have a chance to accumulate wealth if it takes money to make money. Republicans don't want to educate us not for high education. Democrats want to cover medical for new families, hospital bills for pregnancies. Reps don't want to do that. For the middle class or poor under Republicans, it's a huge cost to start new families. Dems want to do a pink tax cut. no taxes on feminine products Rep don't want to do that. It costs more to be a woman and women are paid less than men and aren't given the same opportunity as men to have positions like CEO jobs.

    There's too much to list why Republicans make it harder for the middle class, poor and new families while Democrats keep trying to push policies to help them. One of Dems major coalition groups is called working families.

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