Did jeopardy air anywhere on Friday and today Monday?

They showed a Disney sing along today instead of jeopardy and wheel of fortune 

And on Friday they showed wheel of fortune but not jeopardy here

Am I getting screwed by my local affiliate or did it not air anywhere in the United States 

P.S They said that Trebek filmed 35 episodes after his passing so if thanksgiving was episode 14 the last episode would be on a Wednesday (although I’d guess Friday), or am I never going to see these 2 episodes and last episode airs on a Friday as originally guessed by me?

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    We got Jeopardy on Monday, and the Friday before, the Disney sing a long thing was after.  Maybe it was just your area, not sure why though.  Can probably find them on the Jeopardy website.

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