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How to fit in calories ?

Hi guys! So i’ve been slowly coming out of a 4 month long depression where I ate just around 500 calories a day and cried in my room all day. I’m trying to work on becoming better and am having trouble eating. My doctor said I need to be eating more but once I get to around 1000 calories I feel totally nauseous and bloated. I get so full and it’s painful. Is there a way to get around 1,800 calories in without eating lots of foods? That’s just what I need to be “healthier” and get my weight up to normal. 

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  • 2 months ago

    There's lots of ways to increase calories without adding a ton of food to your diet and making yourself feel bloated. Instead of low fat or low calorie versions of foods--- especially dairy--- go with full fat, you'll automatically need less to get your daily calorie needs met. Instead of calorie-free cooking sprays, use oil to sear/fry. Perhaps drinking would be easier? Smoothies, milkshakes, or a supplement like Boost Plus or Ensure can also get calories in without having to consume a ton. 

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    2 months ago

    You can try drinking some of the calories.  Have a big glass of whole milk with every meal, and OJ or another fruit juice with breakfast.  You can also make smoothies with fresh or frozen fruit, plus bananas, protein powder, or milk or fruit juice.

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