How do you cope with a cousin who is the star of the family? ?

How do you accept that your cousin has always been the star of the family, and that, even as kids, she was preferred over you, as evidenced by the number of pictures taken of her by relatives and the amount of time grandparents spent bragging about her whenever you visited them? 

How do you watch her live a life that has gone perfectly planned...from being a top-notch volleyball, basketball and track star in high school and college, to attending all high school dances, to finding someone to marry, to having babies, to buying a house more expensive than you'll ever be able to afford because she's never had a problem landing and keeping well-paying, stable jobs? How do you accept that even your own parents have observed her substantially higher level of success in life because they've always wondered why you are not more like her?  

How do you accept that, at age 30, you'll never have some of the same experiences and things that she's had the pleasure of enjoying? 

Heck, how do you even accept that even on Facebook, she is more popular than you, has thousands of friends and receives hundreds of Happy Birthdays on her Facebook wall every year and receives more likes on her Facebook pictures and statuses than you do? And that, even in her 30's, she's constantly in the newspaper  whereas you have never been (except for maybe an occasional honor roll listing, etc)? 

How do you live your life knowing that she has a life to be insanely jealous of? 

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