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Do masters students ever present their paper at conferences ?

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    Rarely, if ever. Professional society conferences set their parameters in their call for papers. Almost all papers presented are research by professors holding doctorates & professional reputation & stature for their research. Doctoral candidates, if their dissertation research is deemed "significant," may also present. Mere master's degree students almost never get their thesis research presented at conferences, or get published.

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    It's called a "thesis," and they're "master's students," not "masters students," it being a "master's degree" that they're pursing, but what your suggesting is within the realm of possibility, though I would think that that would only happen after they've published, which only comes after they've finished their thesis, at which point they graduate, so unless it's in the same breath as them graduating or that conference presentation is part of them graduating or being able to graduate, such a presentation of their paper generally would be after they were no longer master's students. What's more, if they are still a master's student, then that means they haven't yet earned that master's degree, so they would still lack the credential, the actual master's degree, that those inviting speakers at conferences generally require. Still, it's theoretically possible, just not extremely likely.

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