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What do you think of my rap lyrics?

Nobody ever give me my props. Coppers wanna see me locked up or dropped. In the streets deceased another statistic. Body lying on the pavement twisted. Got me going ballistic like mental patients. I must increase my peace and mental patience. Meditation no Medication... To get better my dedication. Cannot be questioned... An epic quest I'll pass the test and be the best then.

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    You must be British then, to refer to Police as "Coppers". Back in Highschool someone in my grade wrote a poetry, part of it reads:" Eyf the pigs and the cops, can't catch me 'coz I got Mad Hops". It rhymes though, could have been written better.

    As long as the lyrics are free from bad words, are catchy to sing along, and has a nice clean music for it, why not get it published or uploaded on youtube (with yourself performing in it)?

    " In the streets deceased another statistic. Body lying on the pavement twisted."

    Best to steer away from lines tied with murder and shooting.

    Mental patients and mental patience, mental is repeated twice, maybe change the word? I see that your song is about inner motivation, which is quite good. But try to keep the the tone positive and steer away from dead bodies, shooting, or even the police. This is my kind recommendation. 

    Source(s): I like what you wrote on Hope on your avatar page, beautiful and inspirational =)
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