looking for pop songs about blood lust, violence, and war...?

is it just me or is pop better when it sings about these things.. i.e, jingo jungle, and for dark but kinda still about love{look up "unravel" from the tokyo ghoul soundtrack.}...; besides that I can't think of others. was wondering if you guys had some songs I could listen to in that area.


and no I don't just mean pop as in "popular..." I mean within the genre "pop."

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    I think its actually a pretty popular topic in more electronic pop. These aren't all electronic, but a lot of them are, I tried to keep them as close to pop as I could. Hopefully some fit your liking!

    Infected - Sickick 

    Twisted - Missio

    Revenge, And a Little Bit More - Unlike Pluto

    I Need a Win - Unlike Pluto

    Empire - Beth Crowley

    New Friends - Maty Noyes (especially with the music video, its really good)

    Don't Sing - DATA ft Benny Sings (another one where the music video makes this better)

    Panic Room - Au/RA

    Blood//Water - Grandson

    Little Poor Me - LAYTO

    Evil - AViVA

    Blame it on the Kids - AViVA

    OK - 8 Graves

    The Kid I Used to Know - Arrested Youth

    Sick Boy - The Chainsmokers

    Doom Days - Bastille 

    No One's Here to Sleep - Bastille ft. Naughty Boy

    We Got U - Lemaitre ft. The Knocks (not about violence until you watch the music video, but just warning on this one cause a dog dies off screen :( )

    The Wolf - SIAMES

    Also, I have an enitre playist thats dedicated to dark love songs, most of them are pop-ish. Some of the songs on that list are:

    Bermuda - Sickick

     Mind Games - Sickick

    Teeth - 5 Seconds of Summer

    Why Do You Love Me - Charlotte Lawrence

    Lasso - Gabe Lopez

    Murder - Mako

    Serial Killer - Moncrieff x Judge

    I Love You But I Don't Like You - Molly Moore

    Rabbit Hole - AViVA

    Violence - The Unlikely Candidates

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    That's generally more a heavy rock subject than pop..

    Things like Black Sabbath - War Pigs, or Electric Funeral,

    Iron Maiden - Run For The Hills, Number Of The Beast,


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