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Should I be worried about my new 6 month kitten terrorizing my older cat? ?

We’ve had our new kitten (Archie) for about 4 months now. He is super playful, but also very rough when he is. He absolutely terrorizes my other cat (Cici) when he’s trying to play. But they both don’t hate each other. They don’t hiss at each other when they’re around each other. Cici can walk by Archie unbothered as long as he’s not trying to play with her. I actually KNOW Cici would love to cuddle up with the Archie, if only he would let her and not try to play instead. 

When I say Archie is rough when he plays: he bites at Cici, runs up on her and jumps on her back. Cici tries running away and doesn’t engage back in the play, but also doesn’t try to start a fight. She just aggressively meows/screams for help. Archie never gives up on trying to play with her and she’s just fed up with it.

Is this normal for younger cats? Will Archie grow out of this? Should I be concerned? 

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    It is normal for the young one to behave like that. When Cici really gets fed up, she will let him know.

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    2 months ago

    Archie is like a balloon Stuffed with energy. It'll keep bouncing on cici until she doesn't find another way to take out her energy. 

    Hoping that you have sterilised her  Next step is make her play with other things. Get toys that she can play alone. Also Get the interactive toy & play with her. Or best is just get an laser pointer. 

    Right now it's looking not so serious but as she grows older possibilities are high that she'll keep annoying cici like this & later on cici will be afraid on archie. 

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