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Should teenage girls deliver naturally?

Realize the teen pregnancy rate is not as high as it was in years past, which is great.  For the very few that are still at risk, stop and think about this.  Yes, ridicule included.  Young ladies, first of all pregnancy can be dangerous to the health and lives of both you and the child.  Considering abortion as a way out?  Not so fast!  Abortion can be just as dangerous.  Abortion can leave you unable to ever bear a child again, even if you want to.  This is where the emotional pain begins.  It is a decision that you will have to live with for life.  This is NO joke!  Better off not taking the risk in the first place.  Neither choice is always completely safe for adult women either.  If you are able to safely deliver a child, without the need for a C-section, and you are pregnant, then learn a epidural.  


wldswede, yes, I know there is a decline.  I do like your version and do agree.   I was a teen mom 32 years ago.  As a 46 year old woman, looking back, I'm glad that both my Doctor and my Mother made me deliver with no epidural.  I did learn a lesson.  Also, yes, I did almost lose my life.  My Doctor said that was another reason she wouldn't give me an epidural.  She said it had to do with excessive bleeding.  

Update 2:

At this point, whether or not people agree, I want to set an example for the very few that are still sexually active.  I'm making myself the example.  Please, young ladies, get on some birth control or refrain from being sexually active.  There are risks.  Don't take the chance.  Thank god I'm still here and I want to help you make better choices.  Wait until you're older, financially secure, and happily married before you start your family.

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    Let me rewrite this for you... 

    Teen pregnancy rates have been steadily declining with the introduction of better sexual health education in schools and access to healthcare. Teenager or adult, finding out you are pregnant is a life-changing moment, no matter what choice you make in regards to that pregnancy. No choice is without risk, complications from an abortion can involve perforation of the uterus, excessive bleeding, and infection and in rare cases can lead to infertility. If you choose to continue the pregnancy and delivery, your health and welfare as well as the unborn child's depends on receiving appropriate care from a professional nurse practitioner, midwife, or doctor. Your healthcare provider can help you consider the risks and benefits of different options during labor and childbirth and work with you to make decisions that are best for you. 

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    I don’t think what other females(or another person no matter their gender) do with their bodies is any of your concern? FYI marriages fail. That is not a reason to wait to have kids. And majority of people in their 30/40s are still not financially secure. Yes I agree people should wait till they are of legal age but I do not think that people’s mistakes need to be met with punishments. They did not commit a crime. I don’t understand why most women don’t use a epidural. Like why would you want to be in pain when there’s relief. I personally find that stupid but you don’t see me telling them it’s wrong or to shut up while they are delivering because they decided to decline pain meds. Also not all teenage girls have responsible parents who teach them about their body or sex. So it’s not all their fault.So implying that they should receive any punishment for their actions further than the consequences they already have to deal with is uncalled for.

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    It depends on the pregnancy and labour. I had a teacher who said childbirth pain was exaggerated. She believed she had an easy birth with her twins, because she was only 19 when they were born. (The teacher was  18 when she got married.) Of

    course she might have forgot the pain of childbirth.

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    "Abortion can be just as dangerous. Abortion can leave you unable to ever bear a child again, even if you want to."

    Both statements are false. Pregnancy and childbirth are many, many times more likely to endanger one's health or negative impact future fertility than early-term abortion.

    And no, women should not be forced to either endure pregnancy or be denied anesthesthetic in childbirth as some kind of punishment. The very suggestion is utterly f***ed up.

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    Abortion is not anywhere near as dangerous for the mother as staying pregnant and giving birth.  A safe modern-day medical or surgical abortion does not in any way shape or form increase your risk of future infertility.

    Normal people don't think "Oh, hey, this person made a mistake, let's violently torture her and put her through agonizing pain," so *possibly* you should consider whether or not you might be a psychopath.

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