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I want chickens but I'm afraid of snakes and I can't  even look at rubber ones any ideas?

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  • 1 month ago

    what do snakes have to do with chickens!? Get chickens if you want but i dont get how they relate to snakes...

  • ........ snake :]

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    Just get a couple of barn cars to control the mice population and keep food in tightly sealed storage bins. Also if you live in a farm you are gonna have to ease your fears. I used to be very jumpy seeing a baby snake alone. But living in the country for so long has taught me a lot of things in life.

    I’ve learned to face my fears because I will almost always like the end result (with reason)  And to work hard for what you do

    Hope it works out 

  • 2 months ago

    Find someone with snakes to help you get over your fear. 

    The three answers you have gotten so far must come from people without chickens or with  little experience with them. Chickens require feed. Feed attracts mice. Mice attracts snakes. The snakes generally don't bother the chickens. I've gone into the coop at night to find a black rat snake with its head underneath a roosting hen. She didn't seem to care. The main problem with the snakes is that they also like to eat the eggs, so you have to gather the eggs frequently, before the black rat snakes get to them. BTW, black rat snakes, while large, are excellent to help you get over your fear. They are very docile and never seem to bite - - unless you are a rodent. 

    To be honest, though, I find a copperhead in the henhouse every couple of years. They have not been aggressive but I still remove them and carry them to an area with lots of rodents for release.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Get some snake proof cages or fencing for your chickens. Adult chickens are too big to be eaten by most snakes in the USA, but young chicks can fall prey to ratsnakes.or gopher snakes. If OTOH you mean you are chicken and are so scared of snakes hat you cannot even look at rubber ones, then I understand how you feel.

    When I was around 7 years old, I watched a foreign film that depicted Medusa, the woman with snake as hair When I watched that movie, I was not scared by the snakes in that movie, but because it was a scary movie, I started developing a fear of snakes, and it got worse because people warned me that the path I took to and from elementary school may have venomous snakes. By the time I was a teenager, I could not even look at a book with pictures of snakes. It was gross. Then I began keeping turtles as pets, and later treefrogs. I was so fascinated by them I used to go shopping for them and buying crickets to feed them. The same store sold snakes Because the owner draped a snake around his neck, and the other snakes were in cages, and therefore safe for me. I started losing my fear of them. 

    Still, I had no interest keeping snakes as pets. Then one day in college, we found a snake on a field trip and a female classmate was holding it and it was so docile and also beautiful. It was a kingsnake.  I liked what I saw, and when I found a baby gopher snake one year later, while looking for salamanders, I brought it home.  A month later, I was flipping rocks on a hill and I saw a baby kingsnake. It was gorgeous. I was hooked. I brought it home too. I was the owner of 2 pet snakes. Both babies. And they were both good looking and docile. They were so easy to feed too. From that point forward, I kept pet snakes for decades. They make wonderful pets. 

  • 2 months ago

    Chickens have nothing to do with snakes. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    What's the issue? Chickens don't really attract snakes. I have chickens in my backyard which backs up to a forest. I see snakes around the property all the time but I've never once seen a snake near my chickens. Keep your yard mowed and collect eggs daily. You shouldn't have any issue with snakes. 

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