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My dad doesn't let me do anything on my own?

My dad does not let me do anything on my own. Whenever I'm doing something, he comes in and asks if I need help. 99.9% of the time I don't, and I tell him this. However, he decides that he has to help me anyway and takes over whatever it is I'm doing. Then he gets mad when I lose interest and look for something else to do. I'm not sure if this is an ego thing or if he's just desperate to spend time with me. What do I do??

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    No idea what's going on with Dad. However, you might be smart to come up with some idea, project, something, go to Dad The Expert, & schedule time to work on that project. For homework, school work, try spending more time at the library doing that (you need the research materials or some such excuse), and Dad out of the way on that. Divide & conquer. Pick what to spend time with Dad, and what gets time on your own.

    Best to assume he's trying to be a "Good Dad," involved in what you're doing, "helping" you until proven otherwise. You were not born with an instruction manual, & parents are always for most part playing it by ear, trying to do the right thing when they're pretty clueless. IF & when you ever become a parent, you will discover you don't know diddly, either, and you have to muddle along most of the time trying to get it right. Meanwhile, try to figure out a way to spend some good time with Dad, and do much on your own, as you have to learn to do all yourself sooner or later.

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    My father died 40 years ago. I'd give anything to have him around to help me with a project. Be thankful your dad wants to and is able to help you.

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    You're 11, its ok.

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