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Does instinct beat skill?

I'll propose 4 scenarios for this question

1: Overwhelming instinct vs basic skill

2:Overwhelming instinct vs Masterful skill

3:basic instinct vs Masterful skill

4. basic instinct vs basic skill

Now what i mean for basic is a level that anyone can achieve.

Masterful skill should be self-explanatory but I'll explain: it's a master level of skill.

And finally overwhelming instinct would be basically Precognition, an instinctive knowledge of what best to do and how best to do it. It should have it's flaws though. 

Now i have always heard that skill beats instinct but i truly wonder that if they were both at the same level what would win? In... a sword fight, in a mathematical/IQ based test, and finally in basic life. what is more valuable to have? I'm just rather curious. Could you tell me what you think and why?

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  • Long story short: All (1-4) will get destroyed by skill if instinct is not based upon practical experience and/or ability. Instinct is garbage against actual skill. True instinct is actually based on personal experience and knowledge, someone with neither of these is an idiot with an ego complex suffering from the Dunning-Kruger effect. Skill is made from a combination of natural ability and practical knowledge from experience. Instincts can be fooled by people with experience and/or natural ability. 

    Long answer: Some people have large amounts of natural ability but little practical experience, others have large amounts of experience but that experience is sometimes made from compensating from lack of natural skill and/or by exercising natural ability over time. A person with no natural ability or experience with a sword would think a devastating overpowered strike would subdue someone because they assume other people are as inexperienced as they are. That is instinct. A person with natural ability or experience would know to sidestep or parry, and then strike. That is the difference. Instinct from someone with no natural ability or experience except what they think they know is completely useless, because they will always follow their instincts which can be both completely wrong and totally exploited by an experienced, talented person. A person who places all their focus on their instincts is always going to get destroyed by a person with experience and ability. Strategy and tactics is based upon experience and ability, instincts from an idiotic egotist only leads to defeat by a superior opponent.

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    They aren't separate. When you're new to something, you aren't going to have either. When you're well practiced at it, you're going to have the intuitive sense of how things are likely to play out (instinct) and the skill to act. If that instinct never develops, your skill isn't going to grow much. And it's all that time practicing and mastering those skills that the instinct is going to develop during.

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