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Puppy Training - How can I teach my puppy to tell me when she needs to go out?

Hi! I have 3 dogs. Two of which are sibling, 8 month old puppies (German Shep./Basset Hound mix). They have been crate trained since we got them, which aids in potty training, because as soon as they are out of the crate, I take them outside to do their business. They always do, but I find that the female does not tell me when she needs to go back out. The male barks at me to go outside, and when the female does tell me, it's by jumping up on me. Most of the time, though, she just pees on the floor. How can I train her to let me know more consistently, or to bark to go out?

We just got the third dog two weeks ago (16 month-old, female, pit bull). The issue has worsened slightly since then, and the new dog is copying her. I dont want to sit around and hope it goes away with time, so any training tips/techniques are greatly appreciated! 


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    Dogs will almost always tell you when they need to go out (even puppies), but they wont always tell you in the most obvious ways (like barking) or how you think they will.  Dogs communicate with body language, so its just a matter of really watching to find out what cues they give you.  Some will walk in the direction of the door and back or look to you then the door then to you (if they know where "outside" is and that thats where they're supposed to go).  I have a 21 month old male APBT who will simply sit in front of me staring intently until i ask if he has to go potty.  If i am in another room, i am usually alerted by the fact that he gets restless, moves his bed to the middle of the room, and starts heckling his older (but much smaller) brother (thus, sounds of dog wrestling = potty time).  Just try to take note of the behaviors which occur minutes before the accidents and see if there is a pattern.  Eventually, picking up on what ever cue they give will become automatic :)

    Also, make sure that your attempts at training dont actually generate a reward system for peeing indoors... i did this by mistake when following the well known idea of correcting a pup by picking him up and putting him outside whenever he started to pee in the house.  As it turned out, my (then 8 wk old) really liked to go outside (fenced in yard)... and started intentionally peeing as a means of getting out there (APBTs are too darn smart sometimes)!  Regretably, it took (one) memorable correction to cancel the "reward" motivation and stop that behavior.  Moral of the story, use a leash for initial potty training, even if you have a fenced in yard (... because putting them out unleashed allows them to explore the yard and play [free range] every time they pee in the house... and this creates a bit TOO MUCH motivation for going out and a smart dog will easily figure out a shortcut to getting there, lol!)

    Either way, i wish you lots of luck :)

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    You need to do some research like googling, 'how to potty train a puppy?'  You will get lots of sites on how to potty train a puppy.  Lots of different ways to go about it, you just need to find a way that works best for you & your dog.  Every household is different, every dog is different & you have to work with what you got.  Some people tie the dog to themselves so they can monitor the dog at all times & get it outside before it pees.  Some people use 'exercise pens for dogs' instead of the horrible crates.

    I have rescued so many dogs & never have I ever needed a crate for any of them.  Crates were made to transport animals from one place to another & not for potty training or caging for any reason.

    Transport your dog to dog shows & back home again.  To the Vet & home again.

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    Geeez.....You`v got your work cut out , what with sibling pups of the opposite gender and now another young dog as well.

    Read why........https://www.doglistener.co.uk/choosing/sibling-lit... hope you are aware that the male pup is old enough to mate at 8 months old and that the females will come into heat anytime now,  so hope you have had the females spayed.With toilet training an older pup, you don't WAIT and hope the pup will always tell you when they need to  `go`.  You  take  the pups outside every hour or so, and wait with them to see if they need to go, and then you praise them really well, when and if they do. It all  takes time and patience, especially with 3 so young.I think you may soon regret getting the older pup and you certainly need to work hard on the siblings so they do not bond with each other more than they do with you. Best to crate and train the siblings separately to make them more independent of each other. I certainly don`t envy you the task.

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    Yes to the medical check - UTIs are not uncommon in dogs, especially bitches who may squat in the wrong place, and pick up infection.

    No to waiting to be asked.   YOU do the 'when' in terms of a need to empty.  The pattern should be once they wake from a nap - outside, immediately.   After every short period of playing - out.   After each meal.   They should need a BM as often as the number of meals they are currently eating, maybe plus one.

    I have to ask who messes around with two breeds who have been established for years so they breed true and even more, who buys into all that BY breeding.  Especially when it involves a breed I spent a huge number of years making sure it passed through my hands, unaltered, other than perhaps, improved.  To do otherwise, usually for money only, is criminal, to my mind.

    I hope your bitches are/will be spayed because pretty soon now they will be in season.   The last thing needed is for the male to mate with EITHER b itch.

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    Take the GSD mix who is having the indoor peeing issue, to the vet and have her TESTED for a urinary tract infection.  Many females are prone to UTI.  If she has one she cannot hold her pee as long as she should, may have strong urges to "GO" - she CANNOT control & will be in PAIN, until it is cleared up.

    If she is clear of any infection, SET A TIMER so you can take her out more often.  Take any paper towel with her urine on it - (from an accident) and anchor it with a rock outside & take her TO IT each time you exit for her to potty.  Praise & treat her for going pee OUTSIDE.  Teach her a word (like pee or potty) to associate WITH going pee and USE as she is in the act, and again use LAVISH praise.

    I would NEVER have adopted another dog with out both current dogs being fully housebroken and very well trained, first.  New dogs often copy the behaviors of current household dogs, so if you have misbehavior or BAD behavior -  with one, you can expect it to be COPIED by any newbie, if you did not get rid of, or fix it..... FIRST.

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