how do you ignore night sounds?

i live alone in a council flat on the 2nd floor of a 3rd story block, and living alone with night sounds, i get creeped out at times and think of scary things, i don't live in a dangerous area compared to some areas but i still get scared....i have no relationships, my only support system are my elderly parents who live far from me....i am a male in my 40s.

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    2 months ago
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    What I do "Watson", is I investigate. During the day.  Night sounds are also day sounds because it does not care when to sound off. As you figure out each sound your mind goes "OK, I know that" and accepts it as the background white noise.  That means, grab a coffee and sit down with the radio and TV off, so as far as you know nothing is suppose to make a noise.  Sit and listen.  The fridge makes certain sounds, that is normal for that is the way it runs.  Put your thumbs into your ears.  If you hear a high pitch, that is coming from you inside your head.  Diet is lacking in some vitamin.  Dead silence is deafening. You know the fridge is kaput.  Slowly you find the noises one by one.

  • 2 months ago

    Get some good door locking devices so you feel more secure at least and then figure out what the noises are.

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