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Does the X-Men persecution complex still work these days?

I feel like it's been played out and limits the X-Men from doing other, more varied stories, like Spider-Man and the Avengers are allowed to do. Besides, wouldn't it better to hear about real persecution of actual marginalized groups, like women, disable people, and non-white people? Is trying to represent the struggle of civil rights against discrimination by using normal-looking white guys outdated and possible offensive?


Actually I like quite a few X-Men, especially Wolverine, Beast, and Nightcrawler, and think the mutant concept still has much potential for the future. I just think the racial aspect is better left to actually racialized characters like Storm, Black Panther, Falcon, Power man and so forth.

Update 2:

Also I haven't caught up on recent X comics so things may have changed. 

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    The xmen do tons of types of stories simultaneously and do them well, earlier this year they did a story where multiple world governments hired killers to take them out because they were scared they were getting too powerful, then this month they did a story where the xmen were trapped in another dimension and had to collect ten all powerful swords and then fight in a to the death championship and when they died they came back to life with new personalities and it was pretty cool. Basically I would say if you're not interested in the persecuted race aspect mixing with the superhero aspect, you should check out other comics, maybe by other companies that specialize in what you're looking for. 

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