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Do childhood loves exist ?

I’ve been with this guy since we were younger but we’ve been on and off and out relationship isn’t good. There’s no trust and we’ve done messed up things to eachother but we can’t seem to be with anyone else. Are we meant to be together forever or should we leave and move on because we aren’t happy together but we’re used to eachother?

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    You should leave and move on. It's the only way you're both ever going to be happy. I was in a similar situation with a girl and the whole thing ended up tearing us apart in the end and ruining both of us for the worse. It's very difficult when you get used to having a certain person around and everything, but I'm telling you it'll do both of you a lot of good to move on. It might even save and improve upon your friendship. If you stay together, it'll just get worse and worse, and drive you into a deep hole of sadness and depression, which will then lead to things like hatred and anger. It's just not worth it. Sometimes people just clash in all the wrong places, and when all sorts of other issues start coming into play, like trust, it can only get worse. It's unhealthy for both of you mentally. You both deserve a chance to be happy, even if that means it can't be with each other. At least thing way, there's a chance you could still be happy together as friends. Good luck. I wish you the best and hope you can both find what you're looking for.

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