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If God is such a hero why is there abuse, suffering, torture, rape and child hunger in this world?

Everybody who's religious wants to say all the great things god's done but sheds a blind eye to all the horrific things that happen in this world. If god created humankind then why are there rapist's and murderer's in this world? Shouldn't everything be hold and good like "god" is? How come God isn't a two sided coin and people only view the good things as "God's answer" and the bad things the "Work of the devil". How come when people pray to god for something to happen and a catastrophic event happens despite them praying their isn't an answer. That was surely god's plan also right? Was it also god's plan to have children in foreign countries struggle for water and food too? Oh no surely that was the devil right?

Look my opinion on it is if religion makes you happy that's fantastic. If religion gives you comfort that's great. But when people act like religion is fact. I am puzzled. How can you prove god is even there? It puzzles me when people try to push their "facts" down my throat about religion when they base their thoughts on a book rewritten over "3500 years ago".

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    Christians have come up with all sorts of lame, unconvincing excuses for the failure of their god to do anything useful in the world.

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    A "hero"??  You've been reading too many Marvel comics.   God is the Supreme Being.

    God of Thunder -- What are your "lame, unconvincing excuses" for not doing "anything useful in the world"?

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    God loves that sh*t.

    Oh, look at the crazed jehovah's witness Lyula with her cult copy and paste crap.

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    It is very commendable that you are so concerned about the suffering of people. Please think: if you really want to save people from pain and suffering, stop the existence of all criminals... then does not God want it? After all, he is kinder and stronger than we!

    You are absolutely right that God can solve all tgese problems, so He has a strong reason why He allows all sufferings that were thousands of years and are till now... This reason He has explained in the Bible.

    The first couple Adam and Eve obeyed an angel who went against God. HE WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD INSTEAD OF GOD. That angel said: "you will be like God, knowing good and bad.”(Genesis 3:5, NWT). HE SUGGESTED THEM TO BE GODS WITHOUT GOD. He promised that they would not die.... But they died and did not become gods...

    Why did God not eliminate all who rebelled against Him? Because it was not the answer on the question: WHOSE GOVERNMENT IS BETTER - GOD OR HUMAN (TOGETHER WITH SATAN). GOD KNEW THE ANSWER..BUT THE ANGELS AND PEOPLE DIDN'T.

    So He allowed Satan and people to rule to let them see the consequences of their rule...

    He has given enough time to prove that they are right... All events in the world prove that this experiment is coming to the end.. the history of mankind proved that all governments that they choose didn't make them happy... Moreover people almost have ruined the earth....The answer is obvious: people can't rule the world themselves without God.

    Therefore it is not eternal to suffer and die... Soon God will eliminate all wicked angels and people and will make a paradise on earth. People who died would be RESURRECTED in paradise on earth, and all righteous people will live forever! "And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away" (Revelation 21:4, NWT).

    More information about it you can find in the website

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    Read Mt. 5:45 for your first clue.  Second clue is that mankind's problems are brought on by mankind.

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    If you're looking for a tyrannical leader who controls every aspect of human life, you got the wrong guy.

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