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What age do you think is just too old to be having a baby?

I would say late 30s like over 35 is just a bit   too old I think. My mom had me when she was 37 I i personally wouldn’t want to be having children at that age, I want all of mine in my 20s. 

And having kids in your 40s is just ridiculous I think, I want to be around as long as I can for my children and also any grandchildren. 

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    I know women who've had kids from ages 17 to 43.  I'd agree and say upper thirties is probably almost too late, though people are having kids later these days.  Any age after 40, there is an increased chance that the baby won't be born healthy.  But my friend's sister-in-law gave birth to a healthy baby boy at 43, so you never know...   

    I gave birth to my oldest six days before my 25th birthday.  I don't regret it one bit, but I do wish that I had waited until my late twenties at least.  I had my other kids at 27, 29, 31, and my last at 32.  I'm almost 45 and definitely one of the younger parents in my high school senior's grade, but I fit right in age-wise with the parents in my youngest's 7th grade class, not that it matters.  

    I think that late twenties/early thirties is a good age, though sometimes life can get in the way.  This way, you'll be around for your grandchildren and even great grandchildren.  But early twenties is too early in my opinion.  It's nice to enjoy yourself before kids for a bit.  Maybe work on a career or finish studies.  

    That said, everyone's different.  When you have kids is really a personal choice that can depend on many many things.  There is no perfect age, really.  That's what I've learned. 


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    Fortunately, it doesn't matter what small thinkers think. Plan away. God laughs at your plans.

    You could have all your children in your 20s, and suddenly drown in the ocean or die in a car accident when you were 30. So much for being around for the grandkids.

     Your children would be even more motherless than the woman who had a baby at 40, but lived to be 85.

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    Everyone has different answers to that question which is why people have kids at different ages.

    I find it odd that you are so judgmental about women having kids in their late 30's/40s but didn't bother to mention men who father kids way, way later than that.   Billy Joel had two kids with his new wife when he was 66 and 68.    Dude will be 86 when his youngest graduates from high school (if he lives that long).

    Sexist much?

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